• The Moriscos
    Eastern Show on Stilts

    A marvellous kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. Graceful choreography and dozen of different props in masterful hands of artists, who danсes on stilts.

  • Medieval Morris Dancers
    Buskers of the Middle Ages

    Joyful morris dancers will invite you to the fairy tale, where every young man can turn into a charming prince, and every beautiful princess may dance around the city square. Welcome to the Medieval travelling show!

  • The Skomorokhs
    Old-Time Kyiv Buskers

    Welcome to the feast to the Old Kyiv! You will see a dancing tale about funny skomorokh, mythical trolls and bizarre creatures.


A dream of any romantic person - to dance at the Renaissance Ball - is much closer than it seems! The splendor of costumes, historical music and dances will bring you in times of a great queen Elizabeth I and luxurious Borgia family.

Ukrainian Baroque

How did the noble Ukrainian people interact themselves in late XVII century? What did Szlachta wear? Which dance did they perform? Returning to the Ukrainian traditions in dancing sketches of Ukrainian Baroque style.

Venetian Carnival

Giants-stiltwalkers in fancy costumes and masks will fulfill your childhood dream about a traveling circus and carnival processions. Original play in the style of Commedia del Arte will tell you about Harlequin, Columbine and other characters of the Baroque theatre.


A straight way to the scene of the legendary Moulin Rouge or to the Great Gatsby's party. Gorgeous old-time cabaret dancers will perform can-can, charleston and other dances of early XX century.

Fire and LED show

Burning swords, neon lights, acrobatic stunts and difficult dancing supports of this show will make any party look unique. It is not just a fire-show - it is a mysterious dance with fire.

Folk Dances of the World

Wonderful idea for a team-building event or a traditional festival. Merry folk dances will create a friendly atmosphere and unite everybody in a common circle.

Balls and Parties

Historical ball, fair or retro party? A journey to the French palace or Wild West? Your epic ideas are easy to fulfill with some professional help.

Stilt Walkers and Interaction

Meeting your guests on stilts, handing leaflets, taking photos with audience next to your logo, interacting with kids and adults. High people are in trend now, so let's arrange the Land of Giants at your place!