Venetian Carnival

Hello, Mask! Do I know you?

Stilt-walkes and comedians invite you to the party!

Venetian Carnival: a Show on Stilts

The kid’s dream of giants on stilts and a colorful Venetian procession is embodied in one show by the Al'entrada Theater called "The Stolen Heart". Here you will meet sad Pierrot and merry Columbine, as well as mysterious Harlequin, who has a power over the world of spirits and people.

Elements of circus art, unique costumes and masks, historical choreography and stunts on stilts are harmoniously combined in one performance in the style of the Italian Commedia del Arte.

Vivid colors of the carnival performance to highlight any party

Dances on stilts, masks, huge flags, puppet-people and the atmosphere of a fairy tale will bring a specialty to any feast.

The performance has conquered international festivals in Holland and Cyprus, and now the performers will gladly travel to your place.



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